birds in Kerala , INDIA, South Asia.

also called Gods own country, Keralam


Birds in kerala -The What, How, Why, When, Where, and Who guide

Around 473 species of birds were recorded as per a latest survey, the study has so far identified 165 avian species in Marayur, 107 in Munnar, 105 in Santhanpara, and 168 in Thattekkad .

These included Eurasian Cragmartin, Amur Falcon, Sclay Thrush, Brown rock Pipit, Slaty-legged Crake and Lesser fish eagle. In addition among the 16 species endemic to the Western Ghats, Nilgiri Flycatcher, Black and Orange Flycatcher, White-bellied Short wing and Broad-tailed Grass Warblerr ,Cotton Teal and Spotted Billed Duck.
Most abundant bird species seen was Lesser Whistling Teals and second was Common Swallow.
Cattle egret ( Bubulcus ibis)
pond heron ( Ardeola grayii)
night heron ( Nycticorax nycticorax)
purple heron ( Ardea purpurea)
little egret ( Egretta garzetta)
Median egret ( Ardea intermedia)
white ibises ( Threskiornis aethiopica)





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