sree padmanabha swamy temple

sree padmanabha swamy temple

Belongs to the royal family of travancore. Has become the richest temple in india with the discovery of gold silver, jewels from a number of hidden chambers in the temple.. .

sree padmanabha

the presiding diety of the temple, idol of sree padmanabha in the anantha shayanam position .. .

Sreepadmanabha Swami Temple

. The assessment of the value of the treasures in the different vaults is going on from february 2012.. . .

Padmatheertham pond

. The pond in front of the temple cleaning up activities will start from the first week of November 2014.The pond contains around 35 lakh litres of water.In the preliminary studies, it has been found that about 16,500 cubic metres of silt has accumulated at the pond at a thickness of 1.3 metres. .

Coin museum

coin museum at the Sreepadam Palace, adjacent to the north entrance of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple The coins to be put on display at the museum will include those that were preserved under the Archaeology Department and the ones unearthed from different parts of the country. These include 25,000-year-old Roman coins found from Eyyal in Thrissur, Chinese coins recovered from the Sasathamcotta lake and the Thangassery beach, coins of Chola, Chera and Pandya periods and those used in various princely States in india. . ..

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